Hur tillverkas linoleum?


  1. Hur tillverkas linoleum?
  2. What is Marmoleum?
  3. What is the decibel of Marmoleum real?
  4. What is Forbo Marmoleum marbled?
  5. Does Marmoleum hold up under abuse?

Hur tillverkas linoleum?

Tillverkning av linoleum Enkelt beskrivet så använde Walton sickativ som fick kockas ihop linolja som fått rinna ut över bomullsdukar och bildar ett lager av sk ”linoxin”. När den tjocknat och torkat mals den sedan ned och kokas med harts som tillsammans bildar linoleumcement.

What is Marmoleum?

Click here for Forbo's Environmental Report. Marmoleum is a floor you can walk on without your feet being cold. Unlike hard cold tile floors, it is a warm, comfortable, healthy floor that looks and feels great.

What is the decibel of Marmoleum real?

All Marmoleum Real colours can be manufactured in a 3,5 mm Marmoleum Decibel construction (18 dB sound reduction), subject to a minimum order quantity and lead time. Decibel items marked with "*" are available from stock.

What is Forbo Marmoleum marbled?

Inspired by the colour palette of Mother Nature, the Forbo Marmoleum Marbled range offers a spectrum of more than 90 colours across five designs – Fresco, Real, Terra, Splash and Vivace. The Marmoleum Marbled collection blends both striking and subtle marbled effects to deliver a range that is the ideal backdrop for any commercial interior.

Does Marmoleum hold up under abuse?

It has earned the nickname "40 year linoleum" and "battleship linoleum" for good reason-it holds up under abuse and is inexpensive to maintain and repair. For starters, all Marmoleum products come with TopShield2 built into the surface which is a protective sealer that makes cleaning dirt and scuff marks much easier.